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Stress-Free Cat Vaccination at Home in Adelaide

Ensuring the health and well-being of your feline companion is a top priority. One crucial aspect of pet care is vaccination, which helps protect your cat from a variety of preventable diseases. However, the traditional process of taking your cat to a veterinary clinic for vaccinations can be stressful for both you and your cat which can sometimes lead to overdue vaccinations for your cat.

This is where Dr Mac Mobile Vet Adelaide comes to the rescue, offering the convenience of cat vaccination at home.

Dr Mac Mobile Vet is a trusted and professional mobile veterinary service that brings quality pet care directly to your doorstep. Led by Dr Mac, a registered and experienced veterinarian and a Fear Free certified, their mission is to provide comprehensive veterinary care, including vaccinations, in a stress-free and comfortable environment for both you and your cat.

“I highly recommend Dr Mac, he communicated with me every step of the way and was gentle with my cat Sylvester. And less stressful for the cat when he's immunised at home.”
— Cezary

How It Works

Health Assessment

Dr Mac will start by assessing your cat's overall health and asking you about any specific concerns or medical history.


Dr. Mac will administer the required vaccines using techniques to minimize discomfort. Dr Mac offers F3 and FIV vaccinations.

Post-Vaccination Care

After vaccinations, your cat will receive any necessary follow-up care, including advice on monitoring for any side effects.

Vaccination Records

Dr Mac will provide you with documentation of the vaccinations given, including the type of vaccine, the date, and any booster recommendations.


You may be given instructions for any necessary follow-up care or booster vaccinations.


Reduced stress for your cat

Many cats experience anxiety when visiting a veterinary clinic due to unfamiliar surroundings, other animals, and the journey itself. With Dr. Mac Mobile Vet, your cat can receive vaccinations in the comfort of their familiar environment, reducing stress and anxiety.

Convenience for You

Life can be busy, and finding time to take your cat to the vet can be challenging. With our affordable mobile vet service, you can schedule appointments at your convenience, eliminating the need to factor in travel time and waiting at a clinic.

Personalized Care

Dr. Mac offers personalized attention to your cat, addressing any concerns or questions you may have. This one-on-one interaction ensures that your cat receives the best possible care.

Comprehensive Vaccination Services

Dr. Mac Mobile Vet offers essential vaccinations to protect your cat from common and potentially life-threatening diseases. He tailors the vaccination schedule to your cat's specific needs, ensuring they receive the appropriate vaccines at the right times.

Contact Dr Mac to book your at-home vet visit.

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