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Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Our Pet's Golden Years

As your pet grows older, you may notice changes in their health and behavior. The golden years are a time when they need extra love and attention. Senior pets are more susceptible to health issues, and trips to the vet can become more challenging.

Taking your pet to the vet can be stressful for both of you. Long car rides, unfamiliar places, and crowded waiting rooms can make an already tough situation even tougher.

We understand the unique needs of senior pets and the challenges of caring for them.

“I would highly recommend Dr Mac’s services. He recently assisted with our cat Inka. Sadly we had to say goodbye to her and greatly appreciated his professional , kind and gentle manner. The little things he did along with taking the time to ensure we were ready and Inka’s comfort was foremost.”
— Debbie

How It Works

Comprehensive Health Assessment

We'll thoroughly evaluate your pet's overall health, including checking for common senior pet issues.

Identifying Common Health Issues

Senior pets may face various health challenges, including:

We invite you to give your pet the gift of comfort and personalized care with Dr. Mac Mobile Vet's At-Home Senior Pet Care Service. It's the ideal way to ensure your senior pet's golden years are filled with love, comfort, and the best possible care.

Customized Care Plan

We'll work with you to create a personalized care plan tailored to your pet's specific needs and health concerns.

Pain Management

If your pet is experiencing pain due to arthritis or other age-related conditions, we'll provide effective pain management solutions.

Nutritional Guidance

We'll offer advice on the right diet and supplements to support your pet's senior years.

Emotional Support

We know how much Your Pet means to you. We're here to answer your questions, provide emotional support, and ensure your pet's comfort.


Stress-Free for Your Pet

A trip to the vet clinic can be overwhelming for your pets. Dr. Mac Mobile Vet brings the vet to your home, creating a relaxed environment.

Convenient and Time-Saving

No more rushing to appointments or dealing with busy waiting rooms. Dr. Mac Mobile Vet offers a hassle-free solution, saving you time and ensuring your pet's well-being.

Tailored Care

Dr Mac will discuss your pet's specific medical needs, ensuring they receive the right care.

Contact Dr Mac to book your at-home vet visit.

Call 0466 519 444 or email info@drmacmobilevet.com.au.
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