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Mobility Check & Arthritis Management

Dog with arthritis at home

Improve Your Pet's Mobility at Home

Your pet's comfort and well-being matter, and Dr. Mac Mobile Vet is here to help. If your beloved furry friend is struggling with acute or chronic pain or with arthritis, this service is tailored just for them.

Arthritis can be painful and debilitating for pets, just as it is for humans. If your pet is experiencing stiffness, limping, or difficulty moving around, they might be suffering from this common condition. It can impact their quality of life, making even simple activities a challenge.

Arthritis is not something to be taken lightly. Your pet's pain can lead to frustration and discomfort, affecting their overall happiness. Daily activities like going for a walk or climbing stairs can become painful experiences. You may have tried various remedies, but relief might seem out of reach.

It’s possible for your pet to feel better, move more freely, and enjoy their life again. That's where Dr. Mac Mobile Vet comes in. We offer a solution designed to bring comfort and relief to your pet in the familiar surroundings of your home.

Our experienced veterinarian Dr Mac will assess your pet's condition and create a personalized arthritis management plan. This plan may include dietary recommendations, pain management strategies, and exercise routines tailored to your pet's needs.

The transformation in your pet's life can be remarkable. You'll witness them regaining their vitality, moving with less pain, and enjoying their favorite activities once more. Imagine the joy of seeing your pet running, playing, and cuddling with you like they used to.

“Dr Mac is absolutely the most compassionate and honest Vet I came across! He came to me promptly when I was desperate for a vet to help my old cat Jess who is suffering from a bad arthritis and was in pain. It was clear from the first minute that Dr Mac is coming to help me out not to empty my pockets! He provided excellent care and treatment to Jess, and now her mobility is much much better than before. His follow up after the visit was outstanding. It's worth mentioning that his consult fee was very reasonable in comparison with another provider whom I called initially! Thanks so much Dr Mac.”
— Asha

How It Works

At Home Mobility Check and Arthritis Management

Lameness Assessment

Complete pet clinical exam and lameness assessment.

Body condition Scoring

Body condition scoring and assessment.

Management Plans

Comprehensive management plans for arthritis including medical, natural, environmental and lifestyle changes.

Diet Plan

Diet recommendations plan and resources. The diet that is specially formulated for arthritis, which can provide your pet with nutrients that support joint health and mobility.

Arthritis Injections

Pentosan (Zydax) arthritis injection course.
The newly developed monthly injection for arthritis management in dogs (Beransa).
The newly developed monthly injection for arthritis management in cats (Solensia).

Pain Relief & Medications

Pain relief medications, CBD Oil consideration and advice, and providing scripts or specialist referral if required.


Stress-Free for Your Pet

A trip to the vet clinic can be overwhelming for your little one. Dr. Mac Mobile Vet brings the vet to your home, creating a relaxed environment for your puppy or kitten.

Early Detection

Early health checks are essential for puppies and kittens. Dr. Mac Mobile Vet can identify and address potential congenital and inherited defects before they become more significant concerns.

Convenient Time-Saving

No more rushing to appointments or dealing with busy waiting rooms. Dr. Mac Mobile Vet offers a hassle-free solution, saving you time and ensuring your pet's well-being.

Contact Dr Mac to book your at-home vet visit.

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