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7 Signs Your Pet Has Dental Disease

Dental Checks

Bad Breath

Persistent, foul-smelling breath can be an early indicator of dental issues in pets.

Difficulty Eating/Chewing

If your pet shows reluctance to eat, chews on one side of the mouth, drops food, or paws at their mouth while eating, it could be due to dental pain.

Gum Issues

Look for red, swollen, or bleeding gums. Healthy gums should be pink, not inflamed.

Visible Tartar and Plaque

Yellow or brown buildup on your pet's teeth, especially near the gum line, is a clear sign of dental disease.

Loose or Missing Teeth

Loose teeth or missing teeth, without a known cause like trauma, may indicate advanced dental problems.

Excessive Drooling

Increased salivation can be a response to oral discomfort, so watch for unexplained drooling.

Receding Gums

Where the gum tissue pulls away from the teeth, exposing the tooth roots.

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